Adorable Ellie B

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle knows how to win me over every time.

If she’s being a pain about wanting to go out too much or then asking to come in too much or forever begging for far too much of my food …

All she has to do is give me the look.

That's my dog.

That’s my dog.

And of course there’s her Dogamous Pyle attitude, too.

On guard.

On guard.

We know our beloved rescue mutt is out for the good for all in the cherished Little Bitty in our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

She loves keeping an eye and an ear out for it all.

Does your pet seem to have different personalities for different situations? Do you have a name and a nickname for your pet? What does your pet do to wrap you around its paw?

25 thoughts on “Adorable Ellie B

  1. Hermano! It’s great to see Dogamous Pyle again. That sweet face, it’s useless to resist. I like the new header, likely just new to me. Regardless, happy to hear word and see the Syracuse sights.
    Your sis,
    Natalie M


  2. On good days, Cody’s nicknames are Puppy, Missy, Precious; on not-so-good days, they’re Silly Dog, Pisspot. I won’t tell you what she’s called on bad days, but she knows when she’s been bad so it really doesn’t matter so long as she eventually gets her food and a hug. And she knows how to look really, really sorry for being such a bad puppy.


  3. Aww, cute! I think Ellie B would make a great friend for my housemate, Fire – the crazy mutt. He’s the skinny version of Scooby Doo but he’s kind of brave though. He’s always fired up and he keeps the humans in this house busy while I take my nap in peace. (≚ᄌ≚)ƶƵ


  4. Ellie B looks a real cutie, no surprise that she has you under the thumb! Our Ruby, ( aka RuRu, aka Two Shoes ). Being a guide dog , retired she is very well behaved no begging no treats. She almost runs the house but she has that ‘play with me face’ and that ‘dinner time ‘ face even though it is thirty minutes too early.


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