Happy 30th, Jeff

Birthday boy cuts his cake.

Birthday boy cuts his cake.

My dear wife Karen and I were honored to attend one of the best birthday parties ever Saturday afternoon.

The sun was shining. The breeze made the warm air tolerable. Kristin had set up the backyard beautifully for the surprise party she so painstakingly planned for her significant Jeff.

He loved it. His family and closest friends mingled, ate well, and told Jeff stories. He got to tell great tales, too, because he recently left the security of his longtime job running the service department of a bustling local auto dealership to attend nursing school. We all assured him what a great nurse he is going to be. Personally, I was happy toy relate how my terrific sister Dory just graduated and received her nursing bachelor’s down on Long Island, and she’s older than he is, so he’s doing a great thing.

We told Kristin how great she is supporting him in this life move, in every way. We told them how we’re looking forward to attending their wedding come October … On my dear wife Karen’s birthday, in fact!

(A previous great party at Jeff and Kristin’s house.)

And I got to meet the new member of their little family. Karen had met Roxy previously. I’m saving the photos because they deserve their own shot on another day.

If you’ve had it, what were you doing in life when you celebrated your 30th birthday? Did you have a big 30th birthday party, and if so, please share about it. If you’ve gone back to school, please share.

20 thoughts on “Happy 30th, Jeff

  1. I was 36 weeks pregnant on my 30th, and I honestly can’t tell you what I did. I’m sure it was a good day. Maybe The Mister did dishes or took me to dinner. No idea. lol


  2. I too changed something at 42 – went back to school for a business degree. It started a very odd chapter in my life but I am happy I did it as i would never have had another chance (health and employment reasons). That said, it did not lead to the obvious outcome but my only suggestion is to keep eyes and ears open for eclectic opportunities – job he loves. I once went to a head hunter (that did not turn out well at all – ha!) and he started our time by asking me to list all the jobs that I could think of – and he gave me an hour to do it. I managed a few hundred jobs and thought I had done a decent job covering the spectrum. When I was done he glanced at my list and complimented me on the large number I had written down. He then informed me that the most recent count of job titles in Canada was 60,000. That opened my eyes.

    Awesome looking party Mark.


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