Now this is the spot to enjoy lunch

Picnic table lunch.

Picnic table meal.

It takes me maybe three minutes to walk to this spot from the Liverpool Public Library.

You can sit back if you wish.

You can sit back if you wish.

There’s a choice. I can spread my sandwich lunch out on a picnic table here at Onondaga Lake Park or lean back on the park bench.

Up the hill and back to work.

Up the hill and back to work.

It takes maybe four minutes, belly fuller from the Bologna sandwich I’d made at home and a the bag of chips I’d placed beside it, to walk up the hill back to the LPL.

Yeah, 30 minutes for lunch is fine. Just fine.

What did you have for lunch today? Where did you eat it? How long do you get for lunch?

36 thoughts on “Now this is the spot to enjoy lunch

  1. perfect lunch spot and glad you have the time to get there and back – i eat lunch, on most days, in the cafeteria, with a mix of 3-5 year olds, and it’s always an adventure. )


    • Yesterday it was almost-drippy, so I stayed on a bench right next to the library, not wanting to get caught two blocks away when the skies opened, Tony. But otherwise …


  2. It looks lovely, Mark. I’m really happy for you, your new job and your lunchtime view. Me, I ate a frozen lean cuisine at my desk and admired your view. Somehow, it doesn’t really seem fair!


  3. I like to eat my lunch sitting at my kitchen table and looking out into my own back yard with the 6-foot privacy fence and all the mature trees, which are now full, with Cody sitting under the table waiting for that crumb or two that might happen to drop from my sandwich. Such a peaceful break in the day.


  4. We had fruit salad and creme fresh in the kitchen. We had a long as we wanted but the husband was fiddling with his computer and the phone kept ringing. Your venue looks amazing !


    • Creme fresh is the kind of thing that I wonder if I’ve ever had it in a plainer-name label every time I hear it mentioned on a cooking show on TV, Willow. Too bad the ringing phone interrupted you and hubby’s lunch moment. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  5. That looks like a lovely place to eat your sandwich. Sometimes I get lunch, sometimes I don’t, depends how crazy things are. But when I do get lunch I sit at my desk and look out my window at all the people coming into the hospital. It’s a pretty nice view but not anywhere as nice as the one you have!!!


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