Peony couplets

When I came home to the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighbor of Eastwood after a good day at the Liverpool Public Library Tuesday, two of our powerful peony flowers had deemed it time to pop into existence.

Pretty first pops.

Pretty first pops.

It was a powerful sight to welcome me around 4:30 p.m.

When I pulled the Chevy Cruze into the driveway Wednesday afternoon, just about 24 hour later, it was a different look in that front corner.

Two by two they emerge.

Two by two they emerge.

Yes, another two had joined the 80º F-plus air.

They seem to be traveling in pairs this season.

And it may be a quick season, indeed. My dear wife Karen and I will be sure to savor the colorful bunch.

Do your blooms come out all at once, or do they stagger? Do you think nature lets them communicate so they’re not all alone against other forces? What’s blooming this week where you live?

21 thoughts on “Peony couplets

  1. The daffodils were very profuse and bright this year! My peonies are still nice, one variety just popped yesterday-eve. Also roses are blooming, the knock-outs are great…last year not so much, my rhododendrons are spectacular. It seems that everything is in a great hurry this year…It’s been really hot though, so maybe that’s why. 🙂 Lilacs pretty but not many of them.


  2. Whew – popping peonies – sounds scary. What if you were just walking by when they popped out – there could be flying green matter.Ha! They are beautiful Mark. I am hoping we can have some flowers in Vancouver.


  3. With the slightly cooler weather we have had up until today we have hydrangeas that are blooming and booming out in front of our house. We have some knockout roses that need some help.


  4. i love peonies! mine are staggered all over the place, and i love being surprised by them, as they arrive and open. right now, i have a flowering peony tree and some lilacs in full swing.


  5. Pretty! I love peonies! I have three and I think they’re old as dirt. They’re huge and they each give me about 100 blooms in spring. I have more than 20 in a vase right now 🙂


  6. Mark, I have tried to grow Peonies in our neck of the woods, but they do not do well here, I guess it doesn’t get cold enough during the winter and it is too hot in the summer. My Angel Trumpet is in full bloom now, which is puzzling, because normally it blooms in the late summer. It is beautiful though, and fills the whole neighborhood with a lemony fragrance after the sun has gone down.


  7. Beautiful, Mark–great to remind us to stop and take the time to savor the beauty all around us. Enjoy the day!😎


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