A crafty assignment

My first out-of-the-office assignment for the Liverpool Public Library came last Saturday, down the block at Village’s Washington Park, where Outreach Clerk Dave Witkowski set up a display to help curious fair-goers at Liverpool’s Craft Extravaganza by answering any questions they might have about LPL services. Oh, and he had a great bargain cart from the LPL donated book sale set up, too.

My photo and video can be found on the LPL Facebook page. Like the page while you’re there, too, why don’t you? (With other photos on the LPL Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, which can be found off of LPL.org, because, well, that’s a big part of my job as Public Information Assistant.)

But my dear wife Karen came along for the ride as well, and I also managed to use my iPhone 6 to click off some non-library photos of what caught my attention.

I admired the theme.

I admired the theme.

One booth was totally committed to stuff the artisan made from forks. Punmeister that I am, of course my attention was drawn to the name banner.

Hover over any gallery photo for a description. Click on any image for an enlarged slide show.

I didn’t buy a think, not even when I got off library duty.

Karen took care of that part of our equation.

For aka Dogamous Pyle.

For aka Dogamous Pyle.

Ellie B adored both flavors of her special treats: peanut butter and apple pie, medium-sized, two to a packet.

Strawberry for both of us, please. Jam, not rock.

Strawberry for both of us, please. Jam, not rock.

And Karen and I both enjoyed the strawberry preserves she purchased from Rock and Jam when we spread them on English Muffins at the breakfast I cooked Sunday morning, me the sugar-free and she the regular variety.

Which booth interests you the most, and why? Could you open a craft booth at a fair, and if so, what would it be? Which is your favorite photo, and why?

26 thoughts on “A crafty assignment

  1. What??? You work for the public library, how fantastic. I throughly enjoyed and loved all my years at the library, so I hope you take a liking to it as well. I remember doing a senior citizen outreach at our county fair and were tempted wth corn dogs, cotton candy, cinnamon rolls……….Enjoy your time at your library!


  2. I love looking at the artsy craftsy stuff – painting, woodworking, metalworking, jewelry. I used to love going to our Allentown Art Festival (which is coming up soon!), but the last few years it was too much walking for me, and it’s always really hot on whatever weekend the Festival is. It was cool, though, that my office is only a few blocks away, so we could always park in the office lot and then walk over.


  3. I only want to talk about your new job and how thrilled I am that you are doing cool stuff like this. It’s like this job was made for you, Mark!!!!


    • A NY State public hearing regarding the Clean Energy Act drew supporters for nucleur energy, including workers hoping still stop the closing of Fitzpatrick in Oswego County, and members of the Syracuse Peace Council gathered on the sidewalk to protest that position. It was merely people speaking their piece, which is what we’re all about, ZP.

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