A1 fever returns

One of my tasks as communications specialist at the Liverpool Public Library is capturing the flavor of events through the lens of the little sure-shot Canon they provided for the job.

Better than the iPhone 6 for this blog, yes, in most cases, I’ve found as I go back and edit the digital copies on my work Mac and then post them on the LPL’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram accounts.

For the biggest events, I also write a news release, pick my best picture, and sent them off through Constant Contact to Liverpool’s local weekly.

Such was the case for last week’s Tie Dye on the Lawn, an afternoon in which 400 patrons showed up to combine their imagination T-shirts and our rubber bands and dye to create a take-home, wearable treasure.

Then I hold my breath until I get the paper with my work mail subscription come Thursday.

Above the fold.

Above the fold.

Yesterday was pretty cool for this old news hound.

To use the language that came out of my mouth the 30 years I worked at the big daily: A1, above the fold.

My photo, with the words I sent them.

I knew the editor and/or reporter over there liked it, because I’d seen it posted on the organization’s web site the night prior.

Still, to see it on newsprint, where I could pick it up and smell the ink. Yes, I did. Back in the day, I had my share of stories in the front page, but this is the first time a picture I took ever made it to A1. So, career advancement.

And as nice as that shot may be, I don’t think it’s the best of the many I’ve taken since I joined the LPL staff in May.

From LPL Instagram account/liverpoolpubliclibrary

From LPL Instagram account/liverpoolpubliclibrary

How about this girl taking a break from the Calling All Superheroes session, which I posted on our Instagram account, for instance?

Just wondering which you might like better.

And feeling good about the ink.

If you’re curious, the Liverpool Public Library social media handles are:

Facebook: Liverpool-Public-Library
Twitter: @LiverpoolPubLib
Tumblr: liverpoollibrary
Pinterest: liverpoolpublib
Instagram: liverpoolpubliclibrary
YouTube: Liverpool Public Library

Or click to them from the library’s home page.

Which photo do you like better, and why? If you’ve checked out any of my other library photos, which do you like, and why? What would you like me to photograph, and why?>/em>

18 thoughts on “A1 fever returns

  1. Above the fold – excellent work, Mark! I’ve never had a photograph published anywhere in a newspaper, so I can only imagine how proud and excited you must feel. I like the photo that was chosen, and can understand why it was chosen – the picture depicts exactly what the story was about, the little girls looks very intense, and there’s no background distraction. I also like the super hero photo, but it probably wasn’t chosen because of that lady sitting on the end (although she could have been cropped out).

    As for what I would like you to photograph – talk your supervisor into letting you do some kind of story about the NYS blogging community, then meet me halfway between Syracuse and Buffalo, and you can photograph Teddy Rosalie! Wouldn’t that be awesome? πŸ™‚


  2. There’s no feeling like A1, above the fold ❀ Great work, Mark πŸ™‚ I enjoyed the pics, too; of these 2, I like the one in the paper best. Glad your enjoying your new job – I would love it!!


  3. Wow Mark – that is awesome. What an acknowledgement of your skills – to have your copy and photo A1 above the fold – incredible. Every news writer and photographer in the world aims for that and few succeed. That is one heck of a testament to your exemplary skills – it will be a jewel in the crown of whoever hired you. Making your employer look so good by your skill set is the dream of every employee – and you just did it, and within a few weeks of your hiring. Those guys got platinum quality skills when they hired you and now they know it. There is always, for both employer and employee, and sort of “hold your breath” period of probation after hiring in which each action of the employee is scrutinized. This will take away any questions and seal the deal – there will be no more doubt, no matter how small, that wouldn’t be dispersed by this. It makes you a shoo-in and a cherished part of the Library. I knew you were that good Mark, congratulations.

    As far as the pictures are concerned – if I were an editor, I would pick the picture they did – showing the child busy and engaged, complete with safety gloves. It has an energy to it that matches the energy expected by busy readers. Personally, I would say that I like the lonely superhero picture better as it is deeper and more introspective – whereas the other was more superficial, as in all the thoughts were on the surface.


    • Thanks so much, Paul, for your deep thought on the matter. I will continue to work hard on the wide range of tasks at the library. It is a blessing every day to be able to use the skills I have polished over the decades.

      And your commentary on the two photos is a good example of what goes through my mind when I am picking images to use on our social media platforms every day. πŸ™‚

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