A group walk in the park

When usual guide Cindy called in sick at my Liverpool Public Library workplace, the hierarchy was in a bit of a fix to fill her slots leading a few activities.

The Friday morning Walking Club was one of them.

My colleague and friend Martina – volunteered. She was standing near my boss Diane when she did, and shot a look at me. Neither she, as administrative aide to good Director, Glenna, nor I, as communications specialist, typically lead group sessions.

I said I’d join them. I’d take my work camera along and post shots afterward on the LPL social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest.

And pull out my iPhone 6 for some sweet shots for this blog, too, cross-pollination being the lifeblood of the Interwebs and all.

Ain't no stopping them now.

Ain’t no stopping them now.

I knew the loop that Cindy had planned and walked for the first edition of the every-other-week club would provide some scenic spots along the Onondaga Lake Park Shoreline Trail and in the Village of Liverpool.

I also had a suspicion that a constantly moving focus would be a challenge.

I was correct on both assumptions.

No need to run.

No need to run.

The eight walkers, six adults a two kiddies who enjoyed the ride, kept a steady pace set by Martina for the scheduled 45-minute class. In fact, we finished in about 40 minutes, and that was after slowing down some toward the end.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

It was a steamy morning of July 22, and we were all glad to return to the library’s Carman Community Room for a short sit in the air-conditioning and a bottle of cold water provided for Walking Club members by the LPL.

The club meets at 10 a.m. this Friday, Aug. 5, and Aug. 19, with Cindy back as guide.

Would you like to join the LPL Walkers Club? How do you like the route the walkers take? Do you have somebody to push in a stroller?

6 thoughts on “A group walk in the park

  1. I would have made it as far as that first stop sign on the side of the path. It’s funny: I can walk for hours at the zoo, where I could stroll along at my own pace and sit down on any of the many benches when I needed to – but when hubby and I take Cody to the park, I barely make it past the front of the car. Of course, hubby has really long legs and Cody power walks.


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