Catching some monster shots at the Pokemon Safari

My job at the Liverpool Public Library took me to a Pokemon Safari at Onondaga Lake Park this week.

While the patrons chased the little monsters on their smart phones, I chased the best photos I could find. (Videos, too, and I think I came up with a pretty good one riding the conference bike with a crew of Pokemon catchers, posted Friday on our LPL Facebook page, by the way.)

I pulled my iPhone 6 out of my pocket a few times so I could share an image or three here, too, of course.

Laurel G and Colin W ready to pilot the patrons.

Laurel G and Colin W ready to pilot the patrons.

Here's how you play it best, demonstrates Dave W.

Here’s how you play it best, demonstrates Dave W.

My colleagues Laurel G, Colin W and Dave W were at there best. They took turns steering the pair of big McKie conference bikes on the laps around the park trail as riders did the “hatch and catch.”

Looking for knowledge.

Looking for knowledge.

The third stayed with our pop-up tent, which was filled with brochures and other materials about the library, which is located just a couple of blocks away from the park in the pretty village of Liverpool.

Speaking of beautiful.

Solitude at Onondaga Lake.

Solitude at Onondaga Lake.

I think night nearing is a great time to take photos at Onondaga Lake Park. As I walked out the trail to catch the bikes coming back in, I saw these folks out on a wood jetty. It took my breath away, that moment.

Are you a Pokemon Go player, and if so, what do you like about the game best? If so, do you chase Pokemon in a group with friends, and if so, where do you like to go to find them? Which is your favorite photo, and why?

18 thoughts on “Catching some monster shots at the Pokemon Safari

  1. Evening sky picture was the best Mark. I’m not familiar with Pokemon other than hearing about it daily in conversations around me. It worries me a bit that humans are lead around by other humans. Someone set up the game and determines all the rules and gains and losses. I think I’m getting old and crotchety. 😀


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