Meet the Mets come Labor Day Weekend

My dear wife Karen came up with a great idea for Labor Day weekend, and I did my best to make it work for 10 folks who live hundreds of miles apart.

Why not get terrific daughter Elisabeth and outstanding significant George Three to join us in Syracuse to travel to Citi Field in Flushing. There we could attend a New York Mets game against the rival Washington Nationals. Making the shorter trip from Long Island to sit with us would be my sister Dory, brother-in-law Jim and niece-and-nephew Erin and James; and sister and brother-and-law Jack.

Calls were made. Dates were discussed. We picked the Sunday afternoon game, after which we’d drive back home. We’d drive down Saturday to visit and spend the night at Dory’s Nassau County home. We’d have Monday to recuperate before heading back to work Tuesday. I went online and bought 10 tickets in a row, Promenade Box. They cost a good chunk.

And a couple of days later, I received an email from the Mets saying ESPN had requested they change the starting time of the game to 8:10 p.m.

Awful for our plans.

I called the Mets box office asking if I could change the tickets to the Saturday night game instead. We’d drive right to the game, spend that night at Dory’s house, leave at a reasonable time.

No exchanges, the polite guy explained. But here’s an email address. You have an extenuating circumstance. Go head, take a shot.

I wrote of how they could make 10 lifelong Mets fans happy for a family reunion with the ticket switch.

And after work the next day I saw a voice message on my cell from a rep saying his manager had approved the ticket exchange.

Did me right.

Did me right.

I called back during business hours. An equally polite rep handled the exchange. They emailed me 10 tickets and a parking pass, exactly what I’d purchased, for the Saturday game instead. Yes, these seats will be in the outfield proper instead of down the baseline, toward the fence. More popular game, it seems. I don’t mind. Much.

We complain enough about bad service.

Thanks, Mets, for treating this fan right.

Let’s Go to the Mets Game.

What’s the last company to give you good service, and how? What’s the last good return you received? Have you had a bad switch after you’ve purchased tickets?


22 thoughts on “Meet the Mets come Labor Day Weekend

      • [Doing my best Sophia Petrillo]
        Picture this: April 28, 1990. A young bass clarinetist, member of the spunky, talented, yet uncoordinated ______ H.S. Marching Band, takes the field at [the old, the real] Yankee Stadium. She marched. She played to a crowd of 25,000. She became a Yankee fan for life. That, and her dad grew up around 134th Street & Alexander Ave.


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