A good place for Daryl

My dear wife Karen and I met with her terrific son Daryl and his beautiful family for dinner the other night.

We hadn’t seen girlfriend Vicky and daughter Alexis and my stepson in too long. But at last he and she both were able to get the same Sunday off at Turning Stone Resort and Casino. So we met at Captain John’s in Sylvan Beach, close to his house and just a bit off a drive east for us from the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Alexis, Vicky and Daryl outside of Captain John's.

Alexis, Vicky and Daryl outside of Captain John’s.

The dinner was fine. The company was better. Dang, they looked happy.

Alexis and the Captain.

Alexis and the Captain.

Vicky even talked Alexis into posing solo.

Could you get a little kid to pose for you, or would it take a Captain statue?


10 thoughts on “A good place for Daryl

  1. Depends on the kid. Some kids are hams, some are shy, and not all of them like boats or statues of weird looking men. Lucky for you that your little sweetie isn’t overly shy and didn’t have any issues with that statue. Great family photos, Mark – it looks like you had a wonderful day.


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