A cool wind and a warm sun greet our golf season

Looks beautiful, Camillus does.

Looks beautiful, Camillus does.

A day off from the store and friends a stretch of warm spring Syracuse weather added up to the opening of golf season 2016 for KP, Tater and I.

Tater chose Camillus Country Club, a public-private hybrid built high on a hill on the west side of Onondaga County.

The sun shined brightly again for our Monday tee time of 11 a.m., but the weather had changed from the weekend of 70s-scratching.

The wind blew so mightily, the temperature settled into the 50s F. (Yet, yes, I wore shorts.)

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Camillus is undergoing changes brought about by a trying situation. The members are still shocked because their beloved clubhouse burned to the ground during an off-season fire before last golf season. A new building is under construction. Since the devastating loss, their business is taking place under a tent and in temporary buildings.

But the course is already in good shape.

And KP, Tater and I had a fun time battling the wind and our early season rust.

Tater had been out playing live twice previous, he admitted on the first tee. His game showed it. He drove the ball best, although I must say KP smacked the dang thing squarely, too. My drives were way too much to the right.

We all had our moments putting on the greens. And not.

Tater ran away with the skins game, allowing KP and I just one hole apiece.

But, as I repeated to myself several times, it’s only April.

Deep conversationalists, KP and Tater.

Deep conversationalists, KP and Tater.

I was back out in nature with my best buds.

I am a rock?

I am a rock?

When I told Tater that I imagined a large rock lying in the weeds could be an African elephant laying in the bush, he got me.

May we have many more excellent visions to share this season.

Have you been out playing yet this spring, and if so, what? What friends get you the best, and why? Which photo is your favorite, and why?

18 thoughts on “A cool wind and a warm sun greet our golf season

  1. I love that rock, it looks just like an elephant, absolutely. That is my fave. My Dad’s a scratch golfer. I’m terrible. I am great at hitting ground balls. It is a wonderful talent if you have it. I don’t! Great post and so apt for spring.


  2. What a lovely day for the guys to get out on the golf course! Sounds like you had a great time, and so you should! I haven’t been to the range yet this year, so I’ll put it on the to-do list during my time off in summer 🙂 HUGS


  3. You look so happy out there, Mark, nice form too. There will be better days I”m sure but looks like the kind of Spring day when no one loses.

    Playing outside for me means lolling in the grass to look up at the trees and sky, writing poetry by the water while the sun comes up.


  4. I’m a little sorry to see golf season arrived. Not being golfers, we only just discovered that our local town golf course has beautiful pathways where we can walk Cody in the fall, winter and spring. Now that the course is officially open, dogs aren’t allowed.


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