Petty’s music from Hard Promises at the Palace

Hard Promises is making its Syracuse party bigger this year.

Front man Jeff Gordon dropped me a line with the news that Petty Fest IV is moving on down — as in , a flight of stairs and the road ‘a piece from its former spot at Upstairs at the Dinosaur.

The new spot is The Palace Theatre, the 600-plus-seat auditorium on James Street in Eastwood, the village on the east side of Syracuse. Show night is this Saturday, April 23, with the doors opening at 6:30 and music starting at 7:30.

(From Hard Promise Facebook page)

(From Hard Promise Facebook page)

Expect a night of great Tom Petty covers from Hard Promises, the right-on band of veteran Syracuse musicians. In addition to Gordon, the outfit includes Kevin Farrell, John Goodwin, Todd Troubetaris, and member emeritus Pete Levante.

Gordon adds that their will Running with the Pack with open with a set of music from Bad Company. And he points out that his band will be assisted by Joanna Jewitt, Maureen Henesey, Tim Robinson, Chad Mac, and “our own Stevie Nicks, Lisa Romano to help bring the music of Tom Petty to life. Matthew David will also join us on drums for a couple of numbers as well.”

Tickets, priced at $10, are available at

Which would you prefer, the sound of Tom Petty or Bad Company, and why? Have you ever attended a cover band concert, and if so, of what band? If you could pick a band you’d like to see covered for a whole show, which would it be, and why?

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