A proud night for my daughter

Smile wide, terrific daughter.

Smile wide, terrific daughter.

A slew of folks will gather at a Syracuse restaurant early this evening in honor of one of the smartest people I know.

We’ll eat some, drink a little, smile a lot, maybe even tell a story or two about what makes her so special.

Then we’ll all head off to the program where two years of her hard work will culminate in a very nice moment.

Daddy will boast for daughter: For the past two years, Elisabeth has studied hard to pass the New York State qualifications needed to become a physical therapist assistant. And while doing so, she has accumulated the highest grade point average in the program at Onondaga Community College. Tonight they will put on a program in tribute to these students who’ve studied so hard these four semesters, including Elisabeth.

So all of us will be there to applaud her accomplishment. Parents (now counting six thanks to wonderful significant George Three), sister and brother, nephews and nieces … Proud. So very.

I can remember how reluctant my daughter was when she told two years ago that she’d decided that her Bachelor’s degree in biology wasn’t getting her where she wanted, career-wise. I told her education is never wasted.

Next comes a final summer clinical and then state boards in October. Go, Elisabeth.

What have you been proud about in your family of late? What celebrations have you attended? Have you or somebody close to you gone back to school?

52 thoughts on “A proud night for my daughter

  1. Congrats Elisabeth!!! So happy for you & Karen, as well, Mark – as our children’s achievements become such joy & pride for us parents!! πŸ™‚ And I agree – no education or training is ever wasted!!


  2. Congratulations, Elisabeth! This is quite a valuable accomplishment! To all the family who supported her decision: Pats on your backs. πŸ™‚ Mark, you have every right to be proud!


  3. Congrats to her, for so many reasons, Mark. It was brave to realize that the first degree wasn’t meeting her career goals. So many today cling to that hope, and find themselves disappointed in the end. She picked option B, and it will work out for her. Yay. Celebrate ! ☺☺☺


  4. Please pass along my congratulations to your daughter Mark. it is hard to go back to school especially for years. And a big hand to you,Karen and the family who encouraged her.


  5. Whoo_hoooo! Well done, Elisabeth! And good advice, Pops–encouragement when needed can be life-changing. Enjoy the celebration!!


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