One XL sycamore, coming up

It took two of us to measure it’s circumference.

When George Two says he knows of an -est in our part of the world, believe it.

We took off for Solvay to take a look at his guess for the biggest tree in the area.

Well, the widest sycamore, anyway.

Jack wasn’t around to climb it.

George Two got out his tape measure and we each took an end to discover that this baby measured 17 1/3 inches around at its big belly.

It’s tall, too.

Good choice, Mr. Avery.

There’s no wonder this front yard tree earned a plaque as a family favorite.

Branching out.

It’s really a dilly from any angle you look at it.


5 thoughts on “One XL sycamore, coming up

  1. What a gorgeous old tree. There’s an old sycamore back in Edinboro out in the country. This one reminded me of it. How fun that you both measured it! 😊


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