Savoring the pink and white trees

Row of spring pretty.

George Two and I figured the time was right for our second afternoon tool-around to capture some interesting Central New York sights to share.

We start-and-stopped close to both our houses so I could catch white and pink trees with my iPhone.

Franklin Square lines them up.

We expected big things from the city of Syracuse’s Franklin Square neighborhood. It looked nice, surely, but we couldn’t figure out if they were pre- or post-peak.

Both sides, now.

We had better luck back in suburbia.

Pretty, pink’s in.

I’ll share more of our discoveries in the next few days.


10 thoughts on “Savoring the pink and white trees

  1. Great photos little brother. Now I guess I’ll have to post a few from my place here. I love the dogwoods and just wish they would bloom all the time. Magnolias haven’t started yet but May is just a few days away and there should be some pretty blooms there.


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