I hope these young players will shine in New York

Catching, on.

Francisco Alvarez carries many expectations for a 20 year old.

Millions of New York Mets fans hope that he’ll smack hundreds of home runs wearing the blue and orange in the not-so-distant future.

Put the pitch right here.

By the way, they also want him to manage the game for their star collection of pitchers as the catcher calling for this pitch or that pitch.

Right now we get to watch him get better as a Triple-A player at NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse, a young man rated by experts as the top prospect in the Mets organization.

He’s not the only Syracuse Mets player in this young 2023 season performing with big hopes.

Who will be first up to Flushing?

Playing first base on Tuesday was Mark Vientos, who can take on the right-handed portion of the big Mets’ designated hitter platoon, say many.

Power ready.

Ronny Mauricio’s lefty bat carries plenty of pop. On defense he’s at shortstop. That probably signals a position change in the future because Francisco Lindor is signed there with the big Mets until the next decade.

Here and now.

In April 2023, we’ll watch the Syracuse Mets as our own.


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