It’s win-win for our Syracuse Mets home opener

Tailgate, ready.

The rain fell fairly steady as my dear wife Karen and I prepared for terrific daughter Elisabeth and fantastic fiance George Three to check out of their half day of work and pull into our driveway to take us the NBT Bank Stadium for Tuesday’s Syracuse Mets home opener.

But I noticed as I lugged the cooler and chairs-in-a-bag out to the front lawn that although the sky was gray, no rain fell.

Here’s to our baseball season.

A cap of good had arrived.

We had a good hour-plus of subs, chips, dessert and drinks. George Two and Sue arrived and pulled into the spot we saved next to us. We mosied up to our seats oh-so-close to the Mets dugout in time to see the whole squad line up in the traditional opening day ceremony.

Introducing your 2003 Syracuse Mets!

And now our National Anthem …

They looked good and ready, front and back.

Did I mention how good our seats were for my iPhone photography?

Third baseman Brett Baty, surely a sweet swinger.

I thrilled in the opportunity to closely examine young Mets-on-the-rise.

I’ll show more in the next few days.

The good news? The Syracuse Mets won 5-0, to even their season record to 2-2. To remind us that being a Mets fan is being a Mets fan, Baty, hitting at a .400 clip so far this young season, left the game early. When I got home and put the papa Mets game on TV in the evening, announcer Gary Cohen informed me that he’d felt pain in his thumb, the same one he’d hurt when up with the big Mets last season. Further tests to come today.


11 thoughts on “It’s win-win for our Syracuse Mets home opener

  1. Mark! These pics made me so happy! I giggled with glee! Am I too forward in saying that I just love your entire family? Oh jeez, you’re all adorable and make me happy! You know how the ball field makes me feel! I’m cheering on your Mets and I hope Baty’s injity is not a sign of a bad start to the season for him. Let’s talk about that hat! I’m a hat wearer, and collector. Hands down that’s the BEST ball hat I’ve seen. The Cardinals need some flowers and branches behind the birds! Play Ball!


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