Yes, it gets cold for baseball here in April

Protective gear for Syracuse chill.

Game time temperature for Tuesday’s Syracuse Mets home opener was 53 degrees.

We dressed in layers.

For the players came less obvious choices.

It’s interesting to note that some obviously feel the chill more than those of us who’ve lived here for, say, 40 years.

Ronny Mauricio is our 22-year-old shortstop from the Dominican Republic. I think he adapted to the spring training weather in Port St. Lucie, Fla., much better than our Central New York chill.

Mauricio dressed for 53 degrees the best he could. I bowed to his choices.

It does go over 80 in the Syracuse summer, Ronny. Sometimes 90, even.


4 thoughts on “Yes, it gets cold for baseball here in April

  1. so funny, but it makes perfect sense. when we were recently in Vegas, the locals were in full gear, and we were just excited that it was in the 60s)


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