A beautiful park to drop a line

Lovely location.

George Two and Sue have brought their generations to Selkirk Shores State Park in Pulaski.

He smiles as he tells me about grandson Mason not wanting to pull in his line at dusk and him agreeing five more minutes, oh, a handful of times in a row.

Oh, yes, Lake Ontario stretches on.

On this serene Thursday in mid-February, I can imagine their warm weather comfort right here.

An inlet to bring in the fish.

George recalls how periods of high water wore down the land side of this inlet, and how workers built it back up with rocks and soil and vegetation and mesh.

It’s still the place to drop your line, he says.

Grilling places.

Sue pointed out the virtues of the pavilions and spots to cook.

Piled for winter.

Heading out, I rolled down my passenger side window to capture the storage method for picnic tables.


5 thoughts on “A beautiful park to drop a line

  1. Beautiful place and such convenient facilities. Catch a fish and take it over to the grill without having to leave the area. I call that wonderful. You catch and clean ’em and I will cook them for you.


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