A small and pretty lighthouse in Pulaski

A beacon of solid tradition.

A lighthouse does not have to be huge to keep boaters and those on the shore’s edge safe.

So I learned as George Two drove Sue and I through the winding roads of Pulaski so I could use my phone to photograph the gorgeous building that stands proudly on the curve.

Right there, George says.

My eyes lighted up as the staid lighthouse came into view. Pretty. Simple. Solid. Comforting.

George recalled a customer who brought him to a nearby property for a survey, warning that it would be a wet drive.

An understatement. The second visit, George says, he made the customer bring him there by boat. He’d done serious water damage to the underside of his truck the first time out. The perils of surveying in Oswego County.

But, oh, the pretty country he’s seen in the 45 years of taking the lies of this land.


6 thoughts on “A small and pretty lighthouse in Pulaski

  1. No pain. No gain.
    So many tales these old lighthouses could tell. Its nice to see them still standing. Sometimes it’s not so nice to know every little detail.
    You may recall Candid Camera …. fun TV show. Today we are on parade almost 24 hours a day. 😦


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