Why you should still carry quarters

No cell tower needed.

At the entrance to Selkirk Shores State Park in Pulaski sits a working pay phone.

George Two says it’s one of two he’s noted around this area. The second sits just a few miles away in another popular fishing location.

I’m glad New York State keeps it going, Old Guy that I am.

15 thoughts on “Why you should still carry quarters

  1. Oh my gosh! I haven’t seen one of those for so many years! Does it really still take quarters? And are there any postboxes still around there? I haven’t seen any of those either. I’m just now getting back online so will travel backward with you here. Just moved into a new place where I’ve had an application in for three years. So, heading back to yesterday and the days before. Great pics, as usual.


      • Happy Sunday, Mark! I had fun researching this and even found a website, a payphone project. Here is an excerpt:
        “A majority of payphone locations listed on The Payphone Project no longer exist. This collection of payphone numbers and locations is kept online for historical purposes. You might be surprised by how often I field requests or get web traffic from people who, for one reason or another, need to confirm whether or not a payphone once existed or did not exist at a certain place. A notable example of this occurred when a producer of the “Serial” podcast contacted me to evaluate what came to be known as “The Mysterious Best Buy Payphone”. Another take on the subject can be found at Who Still Uses Payphones, And Why? Information on these pages was collected from various sources, including law enforcement, private investigators, and numerous individuals who sent in their collections of payphone numbers and locations. Phone numbers on these pages are believed to either be or to have been at one time assigned to public telephones (payphones) in the United States. This information is provided as is in the hope that it will be useful in determining the exact or approximate locations, past or present, of payphones in the United States.
        Think of it as a data museum, or a long-range snapshot of what places of business in your area used to have payphones. It’s actually fun searching through these pages and seeing what places of business used to occupy street addresses that I know are today taken by something else.”
        There were so many businesses! And many I remember and some new.
        It seems there are 3-5 ACTUAL payphone booths in town. One sitting on Route 66 (which runs through Springfield and a Festival is celebrated every year)! I must find it and snap a pic when I have the opportunity! I’m such a nerd, Mark! LOL


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