Fort Ontario stands guard

Needed in those days.

Fort Ontario is a historic site where folks today can visit to see learn about its roles in the French and Indian War and the War of 1812.

Housed refugees.

Adjacent are restored buildings that served as refuge for Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

The Fort was closed but I soaked in its significance.

George did surveying work around those pink buildings, he recalled. There used to be a third quite close. He put in the work to get it ready to become an indoor batting cage and handed in the map. But right before the owner could make it happen, George said, the building burned down.

13 thoughts on “Fort Ontario stands guard

  1. I guess fire has no respect for history. It’s a beautiful site though. I love history even if I can’t remember much of it at the moment, but now I think I will have some time to relearn a lot of the things I have forgotten (or maybe just never knew). Great trip little brother, even if I am travelling it backward.


  2. That’s sad the 3rd burned. Mark, thank you for sharing. I love history so much that I devote a part of each day to it. I found the coolest YouTube channel that allows me to visit historic buildings. I found them when looking for historic buildings in my own state. They are called “The History Underground”. Isn’t history fascinating? Have a fabulous weekend, dear friend.


  3. There is such history there. A significant visit is the Safe Haven Museum. They’ve done a wonderful service documenting the time when the good people of Oswego welcomed Jewish refugees of the holocaust. It’s a small but powerful museum. Also, I wonder if you discovered the old military cemetery closer to the lake. I love this week’s posts.


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