There’s still a power plant with a big cooling tower in Oswego


An unmistakable feature over the Oswego shoreline is the cooling tower of the nuclear power plant.

Constellation Energy’s Nine Mile Point station of course caught our attention over Lake Ontario.

From the harbor.

A syracusedotcome story from October 2022 said the plant will be fitted to produce hydrogen.


It certainly stands out from Fort Ontario’s grounds, too.


12 thoughts on “There’s still a power plant with a big cooling tower in Oswego

  1. Now this one makes me remember a workshop I attended, put on by the FBI and ATF a few years ago. There is a power plant across the river in Indiana that looks like a nuclear power plant. It isn’t but the agents were telling us how much more prepared we should be in this area for possible attack because of the nuclear power plant. They were surprised to find out it actually used coal. I was more surprised that they hadn’t been filled in on the place before conducting a Weapons of Mass Destruction workshop here. It was interesting, but scary to think that if some of our own agents couldn’t tell the difference other countries would have the same problem if they ever launched an attack. I was happy when that week ended, but still can’t forget the circumstances. One job I was happy to leave!


  2. A great nod to the Dept. of Energy and New York for “capturing” ways to conserve energy. And a nod to you, my friend, for “capturing” this picture! I wonder who might follow suit as we look for alternative ways to clean our air and produce energy. Thank you for sharing, Mark! Stay well my friend!


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