Oswego Lighthouse stands out from many viewpoints

Show me the way.

George pulled into Oswego’s refurbished harbor, and left me to squirm my way past the fence to get an unencumbered view toward the lighthouse down yonder.

Nobody seemed to care that, yes, I may have been a foot or three into a space I was not supposed to go.

Zooming right along.

I did enjoy the moment of mid-February serenity. George was able to tell me about how he watched them improve the harbor over the years. He also knew a lot about the laying of the rocks that led out to the lighthouse, and how they contracted to make the path more secure as the weight from walkers increased.

George said he noticed that owners improved the houses around the port as years went by as well.

The lighthouse stood out at another stop during our afternoon drive.

From the grounds of Fort Ontario.

It appeared close from Fort Ontario.

You’ll see more from the Fort later this week.


14 thoughts on “Oswego Lighthouse stands out from many viewpoints

  1. Beautiful, little brother. I’ve never seen a lighthouse up close, but this looks almost livable. Not many lighthouses on the Ohio River. None actually, and I have a large fear of the places that do have lighthouses. It is one of the prettiest ones I have seen though. I love it.


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