Cool art in the middle of almost nowhere

Powerful statement.

George Two’s original text hook to entice me to this day trip through Oswego was his periodic encounters with a piece that sat quietly on a hill he’d driven past and wondered about throughout the last decade or so.

In fact, he’d named the structure <em>Stairway to Heaven</em>.

It stand on the outskirts of the grounds of Luminant Electric, three turns from the main drag. You have to want to get there, in other words, or be a surveyor with an assignment to fill.

George and Sue wanted me to put the piece up here.

When I saw the photo he texted me, I thought art installation.

And I wanted to see it up close.

But …

There was a worker’s van at the out building at the other side of the lot nearest to the piece.

A strident type walked right over to me as I exited the car and asked me, well, why I was there and what the heck I was doing.

My friend has always noticed this piece and I want to take a photo, I said, pointing to George in the driver’s seat.

The worker said it was his power company’s art piece. Don’t go near it. It’ a bad thing that it has stairs on it, People climb on it and the power company hates that. The artist has a handful of similar pieces around the country.

I took a few photos and kicked myself about not being able to climb up. Sue was out of the car and ready to take my photo up there with her phone.

History came later from Google.

Meet the website of artist Owen Morrel, who indeed has fashioned similar pieces you can see at the link.


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