Wonderful day of driving, sights and stories with George Two and Sue

I believe it.

The text suggestion was to meet at their house and be ready for a car ride to Oswego so George Two could point out cool sights for this blog.

The father of terrific daughter Elisabeth’s George Three spent a great amount of his professional life as a surveyor walking properties in that area, so he was familiar with plenty of interesting spots, he and the kids said.

Easy sell.

And when I arrived for a start-up chat in the living room and a great greeting from friendly family dogs Bailey and Eenie, I got the news Sue was joining us.

I settled into George’s passenger seat, ready for an interesting day of shooting the bull and learning about our Central New York.

George hoped the Amagansett Reds would be swimming for me on the Oswego River so he pulled in to the ready rest stop.

Watching the River roll.

No ducks were out on this chilly mid-February Thursday, but I did get this capture of the Oswego River flowing north, one of the few that goes in that direction, according to my guide George.

You’ll find posts from our trip through this week. I hope you’ll enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Wonderful day of driving, sights and stories with George Two and Sue

  1. Now I have to be sure to check in every day instead of my usual once in a while. Great photos so far, especially the river. I’m just a land based river rat I think. Being on the banks of the Ohio, which incidentally flows the normal East to West as far as the Mississippi River from origination in Pennsylvania, I have always loved rivers. I also love road trips even though those are now few and far between. Great times ahead travelling with you.


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