Sad to see this gap in the food court

No more beef n cheddars.

Sometimes the closures hit harder.

I can’t count the times my dear wife Karen and I cozied up to the Arby’s counter at Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA to pick up sandwiches to eat right in the food court before a movie or store circuit.

I was quite surprised when I read the news that Arby’s higher-ups decided to close this franchise.

It sank in when I saw the gap in restaurant row.


13 thoughts on “Sad to see this gap in the food court

  1. Mark, it is weird. I don’t know if they are holding out for local franchise owners to appear or not. We actually have 2 Chick-fil-A’s within about three miles of each other. No Jack’s, No Hardees at all. We used to have a Long John Silver’s but that was a l-o-n-g time ago. Hunts Brothers Pizza – gotta go to Delaware for that!


    • Fortunately we have others Arby’s in easy driving distance, Bruce. It is interesting how some chains just skip some very popular areas. It took us a long to get our Sonic and Chik Fil A, and we don’t have Jack in the Box or, say, Hardees and many of the places popular in the south that advertise on ESPN and other sports networks I watch. When we watch NASCAR I tell Karen I want to try Hunts Brothers Pizza. They are on Kevin Harvick’s car for goodness sakes, but not to be found here.

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  2. Mark,

    Another issue is what they called the large corner “anchor” stores are going out of business driving the remaining smaller stores rents up ⬆️.
    They can’t continue to charge 30-60% more and compete in todays world. $60-80 for a flannel shirt. And can buy a decent quality one several other places for about $25 still not quite a bargain at that!


  3. Mark,

    Many more to cone!
    If you haven’t noticed the malls are going to pot literally.
    When the weather is bad I walk in the mall for exercise. Turning into a ghost town as well as when we stop in when traveling to other areas. The old Northlands mall folded years ago.
    At one of my local malls they’re converting one vacated end which was Wanamakers long ago to town houses! Maybe they think they will boost from captive shoppers?!
    Stay tuned.


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