Warm place for a winter walk

Bite to its bark.

My new joint alarm went off full force as my winter indoor walk at Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA took me past the Pepper Palace.

If I feel the need for any sort of cooking heat, this store will immediately pop to mind.

9 thoughts on “Warm place for a winter walk

  1. Beautiful place to walk and eat when you are hungry. You can always extend the walk after the food to walk it all off. We once had a mall where people walked very early, before any of the stores opened, but unfortunately it has all but shut down. I think there are only four stores occupying it now. Rent was too high for this area and most of the stores moved out to shopping centers in the county which makes it difficult for me to get to now that I’m in the power chair. I did go by bus one time but in my favorite craft store the aisles are so close together I couldn’t get through. I guess the stores being out there gives people a chance to do some walking but on the outside in the weather. Ah well, I have everything I need without going shopping, and some of them have free delivery to home if I order more than $35 worth of goods. These days you don’t get much for $35, so it’s a cinch to always have free delivery to my door.

    Have a great day, little brother.


      • Too many places are closing these days. I have heard that McDonalds and Walmart are closing a lot of their stores now. I never thought I would see the day when either of these places would have to close. But then, in the past I never thought Sears or K Mart would close either. Our entire map is changing since the pandemic and now the runaway inflation. Have a wonderful week, little brother.


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