My word, these modern times

Less than an ‘A’ in spelling.

I know spelling doesn’t count for much anymore as folks use those thumbs to text messages as fast as possible.


A stickler I remain.

And so this not-correctly spelled store name smacked me upside my head as I walked in Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA.

The owners/planners/marketing folks decided an ie ending looked or felt better than the proper y.

Oh, to mess with the word with the definition: <em>the study of human societies and cultures and their development.</em>

Makes me shiver on this indoor winter walk.


11 thoughts on “My word, these modern times

  1. brands love to misspell to call attention to themselves, and to give off an image/message they want the customer to buy into. they rarely worry about spelling or grammar, but hard to read when you understand grammar and editing. it’s own category really, just look away when walking by )

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