Satisfying shed work

First, the wood goes white.

Back on Labor Day weekend, my dear wife Karen and I took on a team project to pretty up the shed work so satisfyingly started by terrific daughter Elisabeth, fiance George Three and members of his tree while we were in Cape Cod at the start of this season.

We first took the wood they replaced on the door to a nice, bright white. The rest of the white on the shed got its coat, too.

Then comes the red.

Next up went a bright red on, well, the rest of the shed. All four sides.

We worked hard to make it look nice. There will be some touch-up required, yes.

We think it will be Central New York winter-tough. Knock on wood.

16 thoughts on “Satisfying shed work

  1. The thought of ‘hard work’ at first doesn’t sound very satisfying.
    It’s the working hard together that brings the satisfaction.
    (even if the project turns out to look like ……. whatever, it’s that hand-in-hand that makes it good.)


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