Thank for fixing the shed door, George and Elisabeth

Passes the chrished rescue mutt’s inspection.

When I pulled home from our Cape Card getaway, I knew cherished rescue mutt Ellie B needed to get out to the backyard quick.

I followed, having received reports from daughter Elisabeth of how she and fiance George Three had visited to water the plants and even mow the lawn.

Ellie B immediately trotted out to the shed. My eyes followed. My heart jumped.

The shed doors were fixed!

Why, George, you sneaky guy!!

We had been talking about how a winter wind had pried the old doors off the right hinges, forcing me to place a bench in front to keep them close. I thought a summer weekend day for the two of us was going to be spent buying materials, working the doors, putting in new hardware … Yeah, George would be the driving force, but I could help.

The kids took care of it.

And it’s a great, fantastic, superb job.

I love it.

Karen knew. Elisabeth had been texting her in Cape Cod.

Happy Father’s Day, my daughter said in her text on the say of our return.

You betcha.

Did I mention how I love it?

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