Happy with our new Syracuse Mets jerseys

Beautiful outfits.

When my fantastic daughter Elisabeth and I were leafing through the Syracuse Mets program a few games ago, we knew we wanted to return for the Pride jersey giveaway night.

One, we loved the look.

We made sure we’d get our share of the 500 when fiance George Three stepped up volunteered to get specially designated tickets that were accompanied by vouchers guaranteeing a jersey saved at guest services so you didn’t have to line up at the gate a couple hours before game time. So his parents George Two and Sue and the three of us did our tailgate thing after a work night instead.

George Three gave his jersey to my dear wife Karen, still working her travelers gig in Schenectady.

In our conversation, I told Elisabeth I’d recently learned that in the term LBGTQIA+ the A stood for Ally.

Yes, we said.

16 thoughts on “Happy with our new Syracuse Mets jerseys

  1. a great score for all of you, and great strategy on George’s part. I wasn’t aware of the ‘a’ part, but I love that and happy to be an ally.


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