Happy return for Kristin and Jeff

So happy together.

Kristin and Jeff were back from Florida.

Michelle was quick to put together a friends night at The Wood in Baldwinsville for a great post-work Friday meet-up.

Chit and chat.

We were glad to ring a table on the big outdoor deck. I swear, Jeff’s face peaks over the shoulder at left. I should have done a better job of capturing his happy return, too. It would have been hard to match Kris, Jodi, Kristin, my dear wife Karen and Michelle, left to right at top, anyway.

Great sunset and songs by Dan Frawley.

Lots of the folks at the table also knew the entertainer for the evening, Dan Frawley. With guitar and voice, Dan did a great job of keeping the deck filled with his great takes on rock, country and the shades in between.

My burger and fries and Ruby Red pint by Genesee went down nice, too. Just saying. My wonderful talk with Jeff went down even better.

Thank you, Michelle, for getting us all in one place again. And for bring my lost-for-six-years wedding ring back. More on that with a later post, most certainly.

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