A different lobster roll

Glorified tuna.

My dear wife Karen and I saved our visit to the Ocean House’s Beach Bar for the tail end of this year’s Cape Cod Getaway.

The new rental left the popular outdoor pub/restaurant a short walk from our house.

And that gave us days to long for our meals.

So I ordered the king-sized hot lobster roll. Karen went with marinated lime shrimp tostados.

So much aiolli.

I was a bit suspicious when the bartender returned to me was a so-sorry look on his face.

They have removed the hot lobster roll from the menu for warm-weather 2022.

But I’d feasted upon this glorious creation one year prior …

The manager strolled over and apologized with the explanation that not enough people had ordered it a year ago.

Fools, they!

I downsized to the queen roll.

The food was good. We walked back home satisfied, mind you.

But …

I still think that cold lobster rolls use that tender shellfish meat of the gods much like I’d use my can of tuna. I’d rather it hot, with melted butter instead of tossed with mayo. I praised those chips of unknown origin, and then the still-in-earshot manager informed me that this year they have replaced the french fries. Oh! The fries were so much better.

They continue to serve up a sharp, crisp mayo-free slaw.

Karen thought her tasty lime shrimp continued the trend of today’s chefs of spooning on too much aioli on top.

Good thing for self-editing in your own basket.

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