Cape Cod vacation comes early this year

Beach Bar

Late May in the Cape.

We booked our week-plus in the Cape earlier than usual this year.

Many factors led to our decisions. The waning of the epidemic in our part of the world, yes. Our totally vaccinated condition, yes. The available time period of the cottage that accepts my dear wife Karen, cherished rescue mutt Ellie B and I, for sure.

So drive we did from Central New York to Dennis Port, Mass., the morning of the Friday before Memorial Day, ready and eager for 10 days of relaxation in the pretty little town we’ve come to adore for more than a decade now. Yes, I’ve waited until our return home to report on the blog, as also has become my routine. Safety first with the Internet.

After packing away our stuff, we drove the mile to the Beach Bar. It was open, but no seating was allowed around the bar itself. COVID-19 wasn’t the reason. Rather, they were still settling in because of the early state of the season. Tomorrow, they explained, you can come back and sit at the bar. We will return during the vacation, we figured.

Beach Bar

Vacation, begin.

For now, though, we accepted their invitation to sit in the newly Astro-turfed courtyard for a beverage and some food. I really enjoyed my pint of the local craft Jake’s Abbey, and Karen went for a cocktail called a Painkiller. Sweet.

Ocean Bar

Hot, with melted butter.

Beach Bar

Crispy, just right.

My lobster roll and Karen’s fish and chips hit the spot after the six-hour drive.

Ocean Bar

Hello, Nantucket Sound.

Before heading to the car, we stood by the water’s edge and enjoyed the bracing wind. Fifty degrees felt fine on the first day of our vacation, yes, it did.

12 thoughts on “Cape Cod vacation comes early this year

  1. You two look amazing! And happy to be at the Cape!
    I am swooning over that Lobster Roll!
    Sign me up for a Painkiller and a Lobster Roll!
    Happy Monday my friend!


  2. There are so many things today that make us frown a lot of the time. 😦
    It’s nice to see your smiling faces enjoying your vacation. 🙂

    We need to remind ourselves to take some time to relish and delight in the good things of life. (I will allocate 15 minutes daily and then return to grumpiness.)


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