Yes, this was a wonderful surprise

As we prepared for this year’s Cape Cod getaway, my dear wife Karen instructed me that I could not plan anything for the first Sunday of the stretch. Then she told me to make sure I packed my swimming trunks.

A surprise was in store.


But it was early Saturday afternoon when a knock came on the Dennis Port cottage door.

Cape Cod

Hello, terrific daughter.

Cape Cod

Greetings, George Three.

Standing there were my daughter Elisabeth and George Three.

All these years they’ve patiently heard my stories about how great the Cape is. About how they should join us for a stretch. About how much they would enjoy it, too.

My dear wife Karen and Elisabeth planned it for this year without me having a clue.

So they were here for a Saturday-to-Wednesday stay with us at the cottage before heading off to enjoy their first time exploring Boston.

Food and drink at the local joint the Red Nun to fill them up from the drive from Central New York, check.

10 thoughts on “Yes, this was a wonderful surprise

  1. So this made me tear up with joy. I say this sitting in my quiet back room as my youngest and his family are sleeping in my room. There’s nothing like a surprise family love event! Have fun and soak in every second as I’m sure you are all doing! 🤍


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