Bonus photo from KP

Your caption goes here.

Before we leave photos taken at the New York State Fair, I offer this glorious capture from my friend KP as he visited the big sprawl with our pal Bake.

When he put the photo up on a text string with Tater and I, I immediately asked KP if I could use his scene of the Beer Garden in golden hour here on the blog.

Sure, he said, as the three of us texted our opinions of what might have caused such a scenic sight.

KP said I should run a caption contest here.

Good call. Offer your best title for this photo in your comment, please and thank you.

13 thoughts on “Bonus photo from KP

  1. Wow!!! I can’t think of a caption other than that! But tell KP it “lit” my spirit as I head to do a simulation this morning of one of two different types of radiation I’m going to receive! I needed to see this radiating photo! ☀️☀️☀️💛


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