Bye-bye, Elton John, thank you for these decades

Happy with our seats, indeed.

I waved farewell to Elton John on Saturday night in Syracuse. Tears came to my eyes after a joyful 150-minute ride through five decades of his unforgettable songs.

My dear wife Karen and I had waited two years since I purchased the tickets online. They had cost a pretty penny. So we did the day and night up proper, arriving at our designated pass parking lot early to tailgate, riding the shuttle to get to the dome when the gates opened two hours prior to showtime, standing in line so we each could go home with a souvenir farewell shirt.

Swirling colors.

The sights and sounds did not let us down.

That’s our Elton.

This man is 75? I thought time and time again as he delivered to my delighted ears songs from the 60s and 70s … titles that I sang along with in the years I turned from a teen to an adult, with lyrics from Bernie Taupin that had me tuned in to he and Elton’s view on our world.

I sang <em>Levon</em> in my head, from my heart and from my lips. I hope the sound system was loud enough to drown me out outside me head.

Such a fond farewell.

So great to the end, I thought, as 38,000 people sang along to his right-now duet, the bouncy pop hit remake of <em>Rocket Man</em> with Dua Lipa, and thrilled to his finale. <em>Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road</em> indeed.

Now here was a fellow who deserved to come to the stage to wave goodbye to his fans wearing a bathrobe.

17 thoughts on “Bye-bye, Elton John, thank you for these decades

  1. I remember seeing Elton John in Michigan at the Silverdome in 1972, great show. The one you saw looked so great as well. I remember even back in ’72 there were rumors that he was quitting. So we’ll have to see if he really does this time. Amazing career, either way.


  2. Mark, sounds like an incredible evening of music. I have never seen him in concert, but have watched and heard enough footage to know what a great entertainer he is. I also love the new stuff he’s put out with others recently, including Dua Lipa. My wife saw him in Philly years back and said it was one of her favorite concerts.


  3. I am so glad you got to see him! He puts on an amazing show! Such wonderful memories singing along with him when growing up.
    We saw him with Billy Joel once in concert.
    Happy times for you both!


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