Billy Joel makes it to the Carrier Dome rafters

Long may Billy Joel hang out.

Billy Joel gets his due.

Billy Joel can hang out in the Carrier Dome any time he wants.

Sure, the Piano Man most likely can pick up the phone and pick up tickets for any Syracuse University football or basketball game he’d want to attend if he had the urge.

But the powers-that-be up on the hill wanted the music guy from Long Island to know how much he’s appreciated always. He’s performed seven concerts in the big stadium, even at times when other performers were avoiding the joint because the acoustics were just too bouncy. So they gave him a banner of his own up on the top rim, joining famous players and championship teams.

I was fortunate enough to attend a handful of those shows, including a twin bill with Elton John. Yes, Joel turned on the magic in the Carrier Dome every time.

I kind of like the way I could frame him with another pretty famous chap from my home turf of Long Island, legendary running back and lacrosse star Jim Brown.

What’s your favorite Billy Joel song, and why? Elton John or Billy Joel, and why? What song would you have liked to hear Elton and Billy play together?

12 thoughts on “Billy Joel makes it to the Carrier Dome rafters

  1. honesty and she’s always a woman to me, are my faves. i’ve seen him a couple of times, as my daughter went through a stage when she loved him and i was her chaperone. ) billy over elton for me – how about a christmas album from the two of them?


    • Mark, Dave Shults here in Tulsa. I sure do enjoy your writing. Still use some writing skills when I put together proposals for my comany JD Young. Hopefully, sometime, our paths will cross. I like Piano Man. Probably due to having spent alot of time in bars.


      • Hey, Shultsie. I’m glad you get to use those writing skills we sharpened together at Mo’ville. We’re moving into the snow and blowing snow stage up here today. Have a good one in Tulsa. I sure do hope we get together again in this grand life of ours, good sir.


  2. Mark, you do have a most interesting blog! LOL Wanna hear something funny? When I read your post title, and then looked at the photo, I imagined that was Billy Joel sitting there at the top of the stadium under the rafters, trying to avoid the crowds! LOL (But of course that guy’s way too young looking!)


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