Photo bonus day

Good and shots I think I’ve collected during my first four weeks walking around the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville and haven’t found a place for in any other post so far:



I love the lines of the one above. It hardly looks like a suburban block.



The one above screams of a well-kept house in autumn.

Yup, our house.

Yup, our house.

In the shot above, A Bitty Better peeks through the next door neighbor’s at a different angle than the usual approach.



Above, a parking lot, rocks and grass next to the Salina Town Hall make for an interesting combination.

Which is your favorite photo, and why?


16 thoughts on “Photo bonus day

  1. thanks for sharing these, mark. there are always those photos that you like but aren’t sure what to do with and you’ve solved that problem with this post. i like the first one, the trees look really cool in it –


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