Get Ready to Experience Elton John in His Extremes


We meet the star at a low point, marching into an anonymous meeting in which he obviously can’t and won’t be.

Dressed to the hilt in the stage finery and carrying all the stories that made him Elton John, the man proceeds to tell the folks in the circle of chairs all of the addictions that made him what he was and oh, are so dragging him down.

And so unwinds Rocketman, the biopic that melds the life of Reginald Dwight and the music he delivered to this great, big world after deciding to become Elton John.

Oh, what a trip it was for the little boy crushed by his disapproving father and then the masses who got to appreciate all those songs he created after forming an indelible bond with lyricist Bernie Taupin.

Directed by Dexter Fletcher from a screenplay by Lee Hall, Rocketman bares so much about the rise, fall and rise again. Elton John himself is listed as executive producer, so the keys to the vault were readily available for unleashing. Thus all the addictions and sexuality are fair game for the fine acting turn by Taron Egerton. Yes, the star of all those Kingsman films is a quite believable Elton, crushed by his family connections, hurt by his love interests, falling deeply for all sorts of musical styles and talented to the max to meld all of that into a bigger-than-life musical star and vulnerable human being.

Take him as he is. (From

There’s plenty of license taken with the musical scenes, as they leap and bound from one period to the next, sharing snippets of the hits in contexts where they did not live when delivered in real life.


Point made.

Elton John’s music will live on.

He got through some mighty tough times to get to his comfortable and deserving point in life today.

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