It’s natural to pitch in to help families

Syracuse University put in the call for action before the football game.

So I stopped at Nichols early game day morning and picked up a package of diapers. As with most purchases of unfamiliar items these days, I went through my sticker shock routine. I forked over $8.99 for an amount of diapers that might or might not get a 1-year-old through one day. I imagined how the constant need would strain a family budget.

Fill Otto’s car for the families who need them.

The idea was to fill Otto the Orange’s car.

It made me feel good to add our small contribution to the greater cause.

Give when and where you can.

I chatted with the folks from the CNY Diaper Bank. When I mentioned that I worked at the Liverpool Public Library, they already knew where I was going with it. Yes, we accept donations for the organization. They thanked us. I thanked them.

It’s a good idea to give where you can, when you can.

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