They planned a great Fall Fest at The Wood

Come on in.

The Facebook invite from our great friend Michelle pointed us toward a new place for my dear wife Karen and I.

Hard to believe that there are still cool spots around Central New York that we haven’t visited, right?

Now this is fall in Central New York.

The Wood is a nine-hole golf course in Baldwinsville, some 15 miles or so northwest of A Bitty Better. It’s full name was Ironwood until Chris and Heather purchased the place and decided to reimagine the whole scene.

We were there to check off the food and drink.

Not the best time to enjoy the outdoor vibe.

With the rain coming down pretty steadily, we decided against the outdoor festivities.

Go on in.

Fortunately, the inside space beckoned warmly.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

An order of wings and a burger were quite tasty. I could go back for a variety of reasons.

Golf, still?

One draw would be to try a new golf course.

I wonder if there’s still enough good weather to try the nine-hole layout these season?

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