Throwing in for the Cleat & Anchor

Big time hot dog.

One of the reasons we adored the location of the house we rented the previous handful of years was the ability to walk to several restaurants we grew fonder of as time went by.

On we settled into our new rental 1.25 miles toward the beach and away from the village on night one of this year’s Cape Cod adventure, my dear wife Karen and I took to our feet and the memories of where we’d dined before on this end of things.

The Beach Bar was closed for a private party.

Chapin’s had a line out the door.

Hello, Cleat & Anchor, a comfortable looking joint we’d often drove past and never drove into.

My Waygu Beef hot dog was every bit as large as they described it on the menu. I was a bit quizzical about why I had to plead/beg for spicy mustard to add to the top when it was advertised as a special ingredient right on the menu. Anyway. A waiter told me … honey mustard? No thank you. Barbecue sauce mustard? No thank you? He then returned with a white cut of dijon. Had to suffice. I really wanted some Gulden’s.

In any case, I had to eat this big dog with my knife and fork. It led an interesting life, I decided. I liked the slaw very much. The beans, though, tasted as if slices of bologna had been added. One forkful was all I tasted.

Fish at the shore.

My dear wife Karen was quite satisfied by her big fish sandwich.

I thought her tater tots were tops. I also got to finish off the second half of her slaw because she was full.

I forgot to take a photo of an extra bonus, my pint of Jack’s Abbey Blood Orange Wheat Ale. This was my first tasting of this version of the local brew. Last year I became acquainted with the base version of Jack’s Abbey, and even bought an 18-pack of cans when I subsequently found it at Wegmans at home.

The light, crisp blood orange wheat tops that, by far. At a beer store later, I happily found a four-pack of cans for the vacation house refrigerator.

Karen’s Margarita, which did sneak into my photo, got her vacation off to a good start, too.

Tomorrow you’ll find a new breakfast diner we tried.

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