Dog, meet beach

Yes, that’s the ocean, Ellie.

Our first walk with cherished rescue mutt Ellie B was to the public beach, after dinner.

We knew we did not want to take her way down yonder.

Happy dog.

She still enjoyed her moment in the golden hour.

Looks like we made it!

Next morning, the three of us rook the opposite turn to the private beach. We knew it was post-Memorial Day, when dogs were not allowed. But we figured 6 a.m. would be early enough to avoid all other people and canines. Down the stairs went our cherished rescue mutt.


She went into the water and quickly retreated. Once was enough in the first days of June, our smart dog decided.

Soak it all in, good dog.

We used our indoor voices and imagined we bothered not a soul.

Good day, sunrise.

I even got to take a photo of the sun coming up over yonder.

More to come if you click in the rest of the week and perhaps beyond …

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