Walk, walk, beach

Just down there.

Our Cape Cod vacation location was a quarter-mile stride from not one, but two beach locations.

If we took a left out of the driveway and went down the first available lane, we hit stairs that led to the big public beach. Lots of folks frolicked at the bottom of that climb.

Happy us above.

We enjoyed the sight from above. Ahhhh, we’re not in Liverpool for a week.

End of this lane.

If we made a right from the driveway and entered the second private road, you’d find stairs leading to a private beach.

Serious business.

Fortunately, our rented house came with a little flag that allowed us entry to the private beach!

6 a.m. visit.

I looked down the stairs and asked Ellie at my side during our early morning stroll if she thought she’d be able to make it down and up if the three of us came back again before the masses another early morning …

Pretty private.

Find the answer tomorrow.

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