This year’s Cape Cod adventure starts with a new place


When my dear wife Karen began researching this year’s Cape Cod adventure at the start of 2022, she discovered that the house we’d secured online for the past handful of vacations was no longer being offered.

We figured that the kind owner finally decided to use all the warm weeks for herself.

Room for the cherished rescue mutt.

My dear wife got busy clicking and clacking, and found a choice at comparable rates. We put a portion down on a place in Dennis Port that piped up that we should enjoy ourselves in a Tiny House. Not wanting to be left out, we thought the rooms and yard would be big enough.

All good, dog says.

Karen being Karen, she kept in touch with the site. And a month later, up came a house in the same town not quite as tiny.

The exchange of the first payment and finalization went smoothly.

The yard was not fenced in for Ellie, but we were able to attach her to her run as well as sit outside with her when the sun was out.

Open concept.

We spent most of our inside time in the living/dining room. I watched the TV with great cable when the sun was not out. karen did her puzzle on the table. The bedrooms and kitchen branched off.

Comfortable, yes.

And I’ve yet to mention that all of this was a quarter-mile walk from the beach.

You’ll see more tomorrow and in the days that follow.

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