When in Cape Cod, put together Cape Cod puzzles

Cape Cod

1,000 pieces and they made it round

My dear wife Karen and terrific daughter Elisabeth spent their inside time in the lovely little Dennis Port cottage working in tandem on the big puzzle we brought back with us this year. It’s the one bought during the September 2020 vacation that Karen couldn’t quite finish, so she dismantled it to put back into the box for another go-round.

Cape Cod


Darn, that looks good.

Then they took it apart and started another we bought on the trip to Chatham!

George Three pitched in greatly on this one because, well, he likes doing puzzles and their departure date of Wednesday was fast approaching.

Cape Cod

Done, II.

Yes, the second puzzle also was all put together.

And then taken apart and put in the box for Elisabeth to take with her.

Bless them all.

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