Cape Cod adventure begins

Happy sight.

Happy sight.

Rain. My dear wife Karen and I don’t mind much waking up to this sight out the front deck of the lovely cottage we’re renting from our dear friends Juli and Lisa.

We'll get to you.

We’ll get to you.

The vision that awaits out in the backyard is pretty sweet, too. Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle obviously agrees.

So it’s cloudy with a bit of drizzle, temp in the high 50s when I drove out the three blocks to the 7Eleven for a blueberry muffin for MDW Karen and breakfast muffin for myself. The forecaster promises clearing later today and warming later this weekend. We’ve got a week. We’ve got plans.

Juli and I already exchanged a warm string of texts where she shared a new cool dog-friendly restaurant with an outdoor deck.

Hey, some of our plans leave Ellie B here at the cottage.

Home away from home.

Home away from home.

In her third year here, Ellie B obviously feels quite at home.

And thank you Good Neighbor Tim and Wonderful Wife Lorraine for agreeing to keep your eagle eyes on the Little Bitty back home in Syracuse!

What’s your favorite vacation spot? Have you ever brought your dog on a six-hour drive with you? Have you been to the Cape or a similar beach location a few weeks before true tourist time cranks in, and how would you take advantage of that?

36 thoughts on “Cape Cod adventure begins

  1. Wow, is it that time of year already – pilgrimage to the Cape? Awesome – Ellie B is right into it I see.I’m sending some sunshine from Ottawa a well Mark hope all goes good on your VaKay. I think I told you the story of my little jaunt down there with the truck one day. Ha! It was humorous. Have a great time Mark and give my regards to Karen.


  2. My first ever experience on a beach was in Ireland. πŸ™‚ I have never traveled with a dog. But I have with children. I think you have it easier with the dog. πŸ™‚ I prefer off season holiday stays. They are the ABSOLUTE best.


  3. Cape Cod yes, but oh Nantucket Island and Provincetown. It’s all so lovely!
    Finally, the vacation time is approved, and we do not yet know what we will do with Sadie as we head south.


  4. My grandparents used to go to the Cape every year for a couple of years. Always had a nice time. I’ve been to Boston for gigs but never that part of it. The cottage looks very nice and cozy. Hope you have a nice time.


      • Oh, you have no idea! We actually played a popular club out there called the Rat Skeller and we had a drummer who had problems with drugs and alcohol and she ended up getting us banned from the club. It was a pretty wild time. We were all young so we really didn’t realize what a serious and sad situation it really was. There were other Boston rock n roll memories that were not so tainted.


      • Well we ended up kicking her out of the band and she was pretty mad about it. Then I heard she was on Howard Stern doing the Lesbian Dial A Date (remember that?) and someone said that she thanked my sister and I on the air, I suppose for giving her as much of a chance as we did.


    • Thanks, Cate. You should come back sometime to judge how it grew up as much as you did! Yes, I took a few iPhone 6 pictures as Karen, Ellie B and I took a walk just now for posting tomorrow morning. πŸ™‚

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