A warm cup and more

Set up for a good morning.

This vacation’s drive to Chatham led us to a first stop at Lily’s Diner, a cozy-looking joint on the main drag with an inviting table on the front veranda.

The coffee the amiable waitress that I swore to my dear wife Karen came from downstate New York poured into our green Lily’s cups was quite tasty.

Blueberries cooked in.

I quite surprisingly went for a nice stack of blueberry pancakes after hearing from out waitress that , yes, they did have sugar free syrup, and no, they would not come with a sweet, goey compote on top.

I guess I should have asked if they topped it with powdered sugar.

You can see that I was able to scrape it to the side with my knife.

Tasty they were.

Loaded plate.

Karen’s fruit waffles was all that and plenty.

She loved it.

Happy Memorial Day!

Just as we finished, we were treated to a holiday sidewalk parade.

Fine American morning it was.

More in the the next days.

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